Tina Renison.

Tina Renison

Tina Renison
Tina Renison started riding when she was just three years old, beginning with trail riding and camping with dad and mom, then in her early years progressing to the 4-H program before moving on to the Drill Team at the Sacramento Horseman’s Association. With her earliest training behind her, she moved on to show extensively in both Western and English disciplines, consistently winning awards and championships. She is a remarkably versatile equestrian, with advanced skills in Western Equitation, Western Pleasure, English Hunter Pleasure, English Equitation, and Jumping. Tina feels lucky to have trained with several of the wonderful upper level local trainers in the area while she was growing up. One of her biggest influences though, was her Dad, who originally taught her how to ride. Her other great influences are Ray Hunt, and Tom and Bill Dorrance, truly some of the greatest horseman that ever lived! She is proud to pass on this rich heritage of skill and knowledge to her clients and their horses.

Tina trains at Cross Roads Stable and provides hands on lessons and guidance for the rider and the horse. She is especially good with younger riders, helping them understand the care of a horse on the ground, the correct way to saddle and bridle a horse, and ground work. She attends horse shows with her clients and provides on the spot feedback which enables both the horse and rider to grow and learn during the experience. Working together with her clients she is focused on balancing the sheer pleasure of riding with competitive excellence.

Working with clients of all ages, Tina provides the lessons and training that allow a rider to communicate with a horse using their hands, legs, and seat. Children in particular learn how important it is to care for and work with a horse, and most important, they learn patience, responsibility and confidence (Adults may find this of benefit, as well. LOL)

If you are picking out your first horse and just starting to ride, or you just need to practice and build your skills, working with Tina can help you reach the goals and dreams you have with your horse. She hopes you will join her on the Cross Roads Team of Champions.

Her philosophy of horsemanship is best illustrated in this quote from the great Ray Hunt’s “Horseman”--

“The horse is a thinking, feeling, decision making animal…but the human always acts superior. [The Human] thinks he’s smarter... He always wants to have things his way …and right now. He wants to be boss. If trouble comes up, he turns it into a contest with the horse. What I’m talking about developing with the horse is not dominating by fear, but more like dancing with a partner…the kind of dancing where his body and your body become one.”