Duane Renison Horseshoeing Duane holds an Animal Science Degree from Yuba College and graduated from the Sierra College Farrier School of Horseshoeing in 1977. Duane has been an animal lover all his life, respects animals, and they generally show him the same respect in return. Fascinated with horses and horseback riding since he was a youngster, he has gained in decades of experience, a deep, practical knowledge of how to work a horse on the ground and in the saddle. With this depth and breadth of experience he instinctively understands the horse’s hoof care needs.

He believes that hoof care is the single most important component in contributing to the general wellbeing of the horse. As he likes to say “…as the hooves go…so does the horse.” His studies in Animal Science, Farrier school, Equine Anatomy, Geometric Balance, Shoe and Pad Selection, Testing and Treating for hoof diseases, Limb Soundness, and decades of practical Equine experience help his clients by providing authoritative care for horses of all types, in all conditions, in all riding styles. He works one-on-one with both the client and the Veterinarian to treat horses with special needs.

Duane truly enjoys working with horses and horse lovers. He provides for the needs of the animal and communicates to the owner any additional hoof care required to maintain your horse in a healthy and active condition. He will provide you and your horse reliable, experienced professional, shoeing services.